Stibbington Refuge

Carp Tench
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Carp Tench Roach
Fishery Information

The Long established Fish Refuge offers a fishery that spans approximately 400 meters. Members have the convenience of vehicle access via an all-year-round roadway, along with ample car parking facilities. The venue provides marked pegs, platforms, and slabbed areas for comfortable fishing experiences.

Anglers can enjoy fishing at this venue throughout the year, as it remains open in all seasons. The fish population includes a variety of species, such as bream, chub, tench, carp, roach, and skimmers. Whether you’re targeting the larger carp, seeking the elusive chub, or aiming to catch the vibrant roach and skimmers, this fish refuge provides opportunities for diverse angling experiences.

With its convenient access, well-maintained facilities, and a range of fish species to target, the Long established Fish Refuge offers members a rewarding and enjoyable fishing destination.