Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Carp Pike Tench
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Woodsetts Quarry Pond
Gateford Road
S81 8
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Carp Tench Pike Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Woodsetts is a well-known fishery located in Woodsetts, South Yorkshire. It is a mature sand extraction pit that has been enjoyed by anglers for many years. The fishery consists of a beautiful lake surrounded by woodland, creating a peaceful and natural setting.

Carp fishing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Woodsetts has implemented a structured management plan and is registered with CEFAS. Over the years, around 300 carp have been introduced into the lake, including different strains such as Horseshoe/Orchid and Farriers. These carp have been carefully selected to ensure the future health and growth of the fishery. Anglers have reported catching carp weighing over 20lbs, with some even reaching the impressive 30lb mark. There is also a mystery common carp that is rarely seen but is believed to weigh around 35lbs, adding an element of excitement and mystery to the fishing experience.

For coarse fishing enthusiasts, Woodsetts offers fantastic opportunities to target a variety of species. The lake is known for its excellent tench fishing, with anglers often landing multiple fish in a single session. The average weight of tench in the lake is around 4lbs, providing an enjoyable challenge for anglers. Bream fishing is also popular, with larger specimens averaging between 7lbs and 10lbs. Pike fishing in the winter months can be productive, providing thrilling encounters for those seeking an adrenaline-filled fishing experience. Additionally, the lake offers opportunities to catch species like roach, rudd, and perch, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Woodsetts is not only a great fishing destination but also a designated nature reserve. The surrounding woodland and diverse wildlife make it a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers. From nesting sand martins and swallows to kingfishers and various other bird species, there is always something fascinating to observe.

To ensure the sustainability and proper management of the fishery, Woodsetts has established rules and regulations. Day ticket fishing is available, but anglers must book in advance and abide by the designated fishing times. Pike fishing is only permitted during specific months, and night fishing is limited to syndicate members. The fishery is regularly monitored by bailiffs and Environment Agency enforcement officers to ensure compliance with regulations and to protect the fish and the surrounding environment.

Woodsetts fishery offers a wonderful fishing experience in a serene and natural setting. Whether you are a carp enthusiast or a coarse fishing lover, this fishery provides a range of opportunities to enjoy the sport and connect with nature.