Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Carp Pike Tench
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Woodsetts Quarry Pond
Woodsetts Quarry Pond,
Worksop, Gateford Road

S81 8AW
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Carp Tench Pike Bream
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Fishery Information

Woodsetts Quarry Pond in Nottinghamshire is a popular fishing spot managed by Martin Ford. He has worked hard to clean up the area, removing trash from the lake and surrounding woods. The fishery offers different options for anglers, including night fishing for carp, winter fishing for carp and pike, and day ticket fishing for all species except pike.

Since 2012, Martin has introduced 300 carp to the lake, including some heavily scaled mirrors. These carp have grown to impressive sizes, with many now weighing over 20lb. The lake also has older carp that have benefited from a regular food source and have shown healthy weight gains. There are about 60 carp over 20lb, with some approaching or exceeding 30lb.

Woodsetts Quarry Pond is a mature sand extraction pit dating back to the 1950s. It offers a variety of fishing situations, with shallow weedy bays and deeper areas reaching 26ft along the quarry wall. The lake also provides excellent tench and bream fishing, as well as good pike fishing in the winter. Other species like roach, rudd, and perch offer sport for pleasure anglers.

The site is a designated nature reserve with a diverse range of wildlife, including grass snakes, nesting birds, bats, badgers, foxes, and deer. The fishery is open for day ticket fishing from 7am to 6pm in the summer and 7am to 4pm in the winter. Pike fishing is only available from October to March, and night fishing is restricted to syndicate members.

Anglers must follow a set of rules to protect the fish and the surrounding land. The site is regularly patrolled by Bailiffs and Environment Agency Enforcement Officers. Night fishing is limited to syndicate members, with a waiting list in operation. Ticket prices and contact information are displayed on the notice board at the entrance and on the website.