Rutland Water

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Rutland Water
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Fishery Information

Rutland Water is renowned as the jewel in the crown of Rutland and is a premier destination for trout fly fishing. This picturesque waterbody is particularly famous for its fantastic brown trout population.

At Rutland Water, fly fishing is the primary method allowed for targeting trout. Anglers can use various fly patterns and techniques to entice the trout and enjoy the thrill of catching these prized fish. The strict fly-only policy ensures a challenging and authentic fly fishing experience for enthusiasts.

During the autumn and winter months, Rutland Water also opens up for predator fishing, specifically targeting pike, perch, and the abundant zander. Anglers can use lures to entice these predatory species, adding some variety to the fishing opportunities available at the reservoir.

Whether you are a seasoned fly angler or interested in predator fishing, Rutland Water offers a unique and rewarding fishing experience. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings and test your skills in pursuit of trout or predatory species, depending on the season and fishing regulations.