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Dudmaston Big Pool, located three miles south of Bridgnorth, is the flagship water of the Kinver Freeliners fishing club. Set within the grounds of Dudmaston Hall, this picturesque English estate lake offers a stunning backdrop of rolling countryside and the grand hall itself. Spanning 16 acres, the lake is renowned for its prized residents, the tench. Anglers have enjoyed the thrill of catching these hard-fighting fish for over four decades. With a variety of fishing methods yielding excellent results, it’s not uncommon to catch over fifty tench in a session. The average weight of the tench is around three to four pounds, and they put up a spirited fight, requiring sturdy tackle to subdue them. Thankfully, the tench are not easily deterred by heavier tackle, and using six-pound mainline with four to six-pound hooklengths tied to size 12 or larger hooks is not uncommon when float fishing.

Dudmaston Big Pool features a typical estate lake bottom with mainly silty areas. The depths vary from a few feet in the shallows to twenty feet near the dam. A significant portion of the lake is lined with reeds, which the tench favor, and there are also extensive lily pad beds that attract these fish. On days when the tench are less active, anglers can target the roach and rudd that inhabit the lake. While not heavily targeted, the lake has produced rudd weighing well over two pounds, leaving anglers wondering about the potential for other hidden treasures within its depths.

The lake is also home to a population of pike, although they haven’t reached significant sizes. However, the perch and eels have thrived in this environment. Anglers have observed large perch preying on fry, but these catches are often kept quiet. Dudmaston Big Pool has also yielded eels weighing over five pounds, and the opportunity to target these elusive creatures is provided through three special “eel nights” per year, during which club members have the rare privilege of night fishing on the lake.

Considered a favorite among Kinver Freeliners members, Dudmaston Big Pool offers exceptional fishing in breathtaking surroundings. It is a true gem for anglers seeking a memorable fishing experience in the tranquil beauty of Shropshire.