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Nestled within the picturesque grounds of Maunsel House in North Newton, the lakes at this fishery offer anglers a truly idyllic setting for their fishing adventures. Lake 1, the first lake you’ll encounter from the main car park, spans approximately 1 acre and features a depth ranging from 3 to 8 ft. As you explore the lake, you’ll notice a small island located a third of the way down, adding an interesting feature to target.

One notable feature of Lake 1 is the deep channel that runs along the left-hand bank, just two meters out from the shore. This channel serves as a prime fish-holding zone and is clearly marked on the venue map. The lake is home to a good number of carp, which are being grown on for future stocking in Lake 2. These carp are already impressive in size, approaching 20 lbs, making them a worthwhile target for anglers, especially when Lake 2 is busy.

In addition to carp, Lake 1 also holds a decent population of tench, averaging around 5 lbs in size, as well as bream reaching up to 8 lbs. For the best chances of success, it is recommended to fish this lake during the early morning or late evening, when the fish are most active. Whether you’re targeting carp, tench, or bream, Lake 1 offers a rewarding fishing experience surrounded by the beauty of Maunsel House’s grounds.