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Fishery Information

Millstreams is a renowned fishing destination located in the scenic Glastonbury and Mid Somerset area. Anglers visiting this area can enjoy a diverse range of fishing opportunities, including rivers, drains, and lakes. One of the prominent features of Millstreams is the River Brue, which offers exceptional fishing for species such as roach, chub, bream, perch, and pike. Anglers can look forward to exciting angling experiences and the chance to catch some of the finest specimens in Somerset.

For those seeking a more tranquil fishing setting, the lakes at Burtle provide a serene and relaxing environment. These beautiful lakes offer a peaceful retreat where anglers can spend a full day or a few hours indulging in their favorite pastime. With their picturesque surroundings and abundant fish populations, the lakes at Burtle promise a memorable fishing experience.

Whether you prefer river fishing on the River Brue or the peaceful ambiance of the lakes at Burtle, Millstreams provides first-class fishing opportunities for anglers of all levels. From the thrill of battling a feisty pike to the pleasure of landing a prized roach, Millstreams is a destination that caters to the diverse interests and preferences of anglers in Somerset.