River Avon in Batheaston

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Coarse fishing is the primary type of fishing available in the area, offering a wide range of fish species to target. Members of the fishing association can enjoy free access to the fishing waters, eliminating the need for a day ticket. However, non-members can still access the fishing spots by purchasing a day ticket from local tackle shops in advance.

Membership is required for all waters upstream of Bath, providing exclusive access to those areas. On the other hand, membership is not mandatory for fishing waters from Newbridge downstream to Saltford. However, anglers must obtain a day ticket before fishing in these areas.

For those interested in night fishing, members have the opportunity to apply for night fishing privileges. This typically requires submitting a written application to the Head Bailiff, indicating your membership status. Night fishing is restricted to members only.

With its diverse fishing opportunities and various membership options, this location provides a welcoming environment for coarse anglers to enjoy their favorite pastime.