The River Tone

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The River Tone
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Fishery Information

The Keynsham Angling Association has secured the lease for the first section of the River Tone, known as the “Fast Stretch,” which extends from Firepool Lock to Bridgwater Road at Bathpool. This stretch of the river is highly regarded among anglers, particularly during the winter months. It offers excellent trotting water, ideal for catching species such as chub, dace, roach, trout, and even the occasional salmon and pike.

Moving downstream from Bridgwater Road, the next section of the River Tone is known as Hankridge. This stretch of the river is slower and deeper compared to the Fast Stretch but remains highly productive for fishing. It is especially favorable for targeting roach and chub during the winter season. In the summer, it offers great opportunities for stalking large chub and trout. Additionally, anglers have reported successful catches of specimen pike from this section, making it a versatile and rewarding area for angling throughout the year.