Seighford Lakes

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Fishery Information

Seighford Lakes in Staffordshire is a great place for people who like to fish. There are different lakes here where you can try to catch carp, coarse fish, or trout. We have lakes where you can fish for three days, specifically for carp and coarse fishing. These lakes give you lots of chances to show off your fishing skills and catch some big fish.

If you’re interested in trout fishing, we also have a lake where you can fish for trout for just one day. It’s a peaceful spot where you can relax and enjoy the excitement of catching trout.

For people who really love carp fishing, we have a special lake just for you. It’s a membership-only lake where you can find huge carp weighing over 38lb. This lake is perfect for anglers who want to challenge themselves and try to catch some really big carp.

At Seighford Lakes, we want to make sure that all anglers can have a great time fishing. We have different lakes to suit everyone’s preferences, so you can find the perfect spot for your fishing adventure.