Triangle Lake

Carp Pike Catfish Tench
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Triangle Lake
Fisherwick Wood Lane

WS13 8QQ
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Carp Tench Pike Catfish
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Fishery Information

Welcome to Triangle Lake, a small but challenging 1.5-acre water that offers exciting fishing opportunities. While the lake may present some difficulties during the summer months due to heavy weed growth, it also provides a rewarding angling experience.

Triangle Lake is home to a variety of species, including carp, tench, and pike. Carp in the lake can reach impressive sizes, with specimens up to 34 lbs waiting to be caught. If you’re targeting carp, fishing over beds of particles or using a boilie approach can yield good results.

For tench fishing, float fishing with caster, corn, or maggot can entice these fish to bite. Tench weighing up to 7 lbs are present in the lake and can provide a thrilling angling experience.

During the pike season, which typically runs from autumn to early spring, dead baits such as dyed sprats are a recommended choice. Pike weighing up to 20 lbs can be targeted, and a well-presented bait can entice these predatory fish.

While fishing Triangle Lake may require some adaptation to the summer weed growth, the challenges are outweighed by the opportunity to catch quality carp, tench, and pike. With the right approach and tactics, anglers can enjoy a successful and fulfilling fishing session at Triangle Lake.