Alderson Lakes

Pike Tench
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Alderson Lakes
Coddenham Road

Needham Market
IP6 8
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Tench Pike Bream
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Fishery Information

Alderson Large Lake is the premier carp water at Alderson Lakes, located just outside Needham Market. This lake is highly regarded for its impressive carp population, with fish reaching weights of 36lb and beyond. Additionally, the lake is home to Tench and Bream that grow into double figures, as well as pike up to 28lb. The silver fish stock in the lake is also substantial.

The ownership of Alderson Lakes lies entirely with the fishing club, making it a focal point for the club’s restocking efforts. The venue has designated pegs that are well-suited for disabled anglers, offering easy and close car access, as well as firm and level bases. Toilet facilities are available for all members, including male, female, and disabled anglers. Keys for the facilities can be obtained from the General Secretary.

In addition to the lakes, Alderson Lakes also boasts two sections of the River Gipping within its boundaries. This provides anglers with the opportunity to enjoy fishing in flowing water, particularly targeting Chub.

The fishing complex is open throughout the year, with no close season restrictions imposed on the stillwaters. Night fishing is permitted on the large lake but requires the purchase of a night ticket, subject to certain restrictions. For more details and specific regulations, anglers are advised to refer to the club’s rule book.

Alderson Lakes offers a diverse fishing experience and ample opportunities for anglers to enjoy their sport in a scenic and well-maintained setting.