Motorway Pond

Carp Pike Catfish Tench
Fishery Information
Motorway Pond
Thimblehall Lane
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU15 2PX
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Catfish Bream Rudd
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Fishery Information

Welcome to Motorway Pond, one of Yorkshire’s finest natural fisheries. This renowned fishery is known for its diverse range of species and impressive fish sizes, making it a favorite among anglers. It has a rich history of producing big fish and offering the potential for large bags of fish, earning its reputation as one of the best fisheries in the region.

Motorway Pond is particularly famous for its carp population. In fact, it was here that the Yorkshire record carp weighing 42lb 8oz was landed in 1999. The carp continue to thrive, with many weighing over 20lb and a select few surpassing 30lb. The fishery actively works on maintaining and growing its carp stocks, introducing younger fish to ensure the development of future specimens.

Besides carp, Motorway Pond boasts impressive tench, with fish exceeding 7lb, and bream, with past catches of over 10lb. While the bream may not reach those sizes nowadays, the tench still provide exciting opportunities for anglers. The fishery is also home to quality rudd, some pushing 2lb, as well as pike weighing well over 20lb. Additionally, a handful of large wels catfish, weighing over 20lb, are known to inhabit the waters.

Motorway Pond caters to a wide range of anglers, attracting both specialist anglers targeting bigger carp and pike, as well as pleasure anglers seeking the prolific tench, bream, and rudd stocks. Recent years have seen notable catches of quality tench, averaging 4-5lb. While roach catches have become less common, they were once a highlight, with fish weighing up to 1lb. Success at Motorway Pond hinges on location, as the water features various underwater structures, bays, and weedbeds. It’s a challenging and rewarding fishery where big hauls of bream are possible, as demonstrated by Geoff Dunham’s winning weight of 72lb 10oz in a past match, accompanied by impressive catches of bream and quality rudd.