Frensham Small Pond

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Fishery Information

Frensham Little Pond or Little Frensham or Frensham Small Pond (AKA Burton on Sea) played a significant part in the history of modern carp fishing, although the potential of the water is no longer a mystery known only to a few, the big Carp remain the prize for any member willing to put in the effort needed to capture them. In April 2013, the Frensham Little Pond bailiff team confirmed that there are 4-5 of the original Leney Carp, with one fish around the 40lb mark and the others between 27 – 35lb. In addition, there are around 30 of the fish stocked by Thames Water Authority Carp, of which 2 are around the 40lb mark with others up to 35lb. In addition, there are around 30 Burton Bradstock fish, that are around the 25 – 30lb + mark, these fish are mainly linears and fully scaled fish.

In addition to the Carp, there are Rudd to over 3lb 8oz that have been caught and Tench to 7lb + as well as some great Perch to over 3lb, plus some large Roach of 2lb + as well, there are also Pike up to 29lb, with most caught being much smaller in size. In the last 4 years, a number of smaller Carp have also been being caught by pleasure anglers, these are believed to have arisen from a successful spawning of the Burton Bradstock fish, as they are linears and fully scaled mirror carp.  Like Frensham Great Pond, this water is under a great deal of public pressure. Morning, evening and mid-week sessions are recommended.