Gotwick Manor Lake

Carp Pike
Fishery Information
Gotwick Manor Lake
Gotwick Manor Estate, East Grinstead

RH19 3
Fish Species
Carp Pike Perch Roach Rudd Crucian Carp
Fishery Information

Gotwich Manor is part of Rookery Angling Club which is a small, friendly, long-established club which caters for most types and styles of coarse fishing (pleasure and specimen).
This is a lake of 2 acres on a private estate, with depths to over 10 feet. It holds specimen carp, tench and bream. There are also perch, rudd, roach and crucian carp, as well as pike, which have been caught into double figure weight.
The lake can accommodate a maximum of 10 anglers, but in practice this is not a problem. The club has a convenient parking area next to the water, night fishing is permitted.