Halliford Mere Lakes

Pike Trout
Fishery Information
Halliford Mere Lakes
Chertsey Road, Shepperton

TW17 9NU
Fish Species
Pike Perch
Fishery Information

Halliford Mere Trout Fishery is a complex of 4 spring fed lakes.
Of the 4 lakes, 1, 2 and 3 are fly only for trout, and lake 4 is for the predators – pike, perch and eels. At about 5 acres, lake 1 is the largest and deepest of the trout lakes, varying in depth from 4’ to 20’, the average being about 12’ – 14’.
Lake 2 is the smallest at about 1 acre, deepest point being about 11’, and the shallowest about 7’.
Lake 3 has the most bank space, with plenty of small bays and channels, and covers about 3 ½ acres. Some of the bays go to 12’, with shallows of about 3’ – 5’.
Stocking is carried out every 5 weeks or so, with some of the finest quality, fully finned, hard fighting rainbow and brown trout.