Marden Quarry

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Marden Quarry Park, located a short 10-minute walk from Whitley Bay town centre, is a captivating natural haven boasting mature woodlands and limestone grasslands. What makes this park truly unique is its distinct landscape, as it showcases one of the few exposures of magnesium limestone north of the River Tyne.

As a local nature reserve, Marden Quarry Park is not only visually stunning but also provides a vital habitat for various wildlife. The large wildfowl lake within the park serves as a breeding ground for a range of bird species, including the elegant mute swans, mallards, moorhens, coots, and tufted ducks. Additionally, the park attracts seasonal migrating birds, further enriching its biodiversity.

In November 2017, Marden Quarry Park celebrated its 40th anniversary, marking four decades of preserving and appreciating the park’s natural splendor. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a birdwatcher, or simply seeking a tranquil escape from urban life, Marden Quarry Park offers a serene and picturesque environment to explore and enjoy.