Stargate Pond and Tilcon Pond

Carp Tench
Fishery Information
Stargate Pond and Tilcon Pond
Stargate Lane

Blaydon Burn
Tyne and Wear
NE21 4
Fish Species
Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd Crucian Carp
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Fishery Information

Tilcon Pond, spanning approximately 1 acre, is a well-established and diverse fishing lake that offers a range of angling opportunities. With depths varying from 3 feet to 10 feet, particularly at the pumphouse area, the pond provides an interesting and varied underwater terrain for anglers to explore. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including carp that can reach impressive weights of over 13lb. Anglers can also target tench weighing over 6lb, bream surpassing 14lb, and chub exceeding 3lb, offering a range of challenges and excitement on the fishing front.

For those seeking a more versatile fishing experience, Tilcon Pond provides ample opportunities to catch quality roach, rudd, ide, crucian carp, and perch. These species ensure that anglers of all preferences and skill levels have plenty of action to keep them engaged throughout their fishing sessions. Whether using traditional baits or experimenting with different techniques, anglers can enjoy success and variety in their catches. Tilcon Pond’s well-established nature and the abundance of fish species make it a rewarding and enjoyable fishing destination for enthusiasts looking to test their skills and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the lake.