Stargate Pools

Carp Tench
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Stargate Pools
Stargate Lane

Blaydon Burn
Tyne and Wear
NE21 4
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Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Stargate Pond is a well-established and expansive fishing spot covering approximately 2 acres. Its diverse and thriving ecosystem attracts anglers of all levels of experience. The pond boasts a range of fish species, including carp that can reach impressive weights of over 25lb, offering a thrilling challenge for carp enthusiasts. Anglers can also target tench weighing over 9lb, bream surpassing 7lb, and chub exceeding 6lb. These fish provide an exciting mix of power and finesse for anglers to enjoy.

In addition to the larger species, Stargate Pond offers abundant opportunities for those interested in catching quality roach, rudd, and perch. These smaller but lively fish are plentiful and respond well to various baits and techniques, ensuring anglers are kept busy throughout their fishing sessions. For those seeking a taste of predator fishing, the pond is home to impressive pike weighing over 19lb and eels over 5lb, providing an added thrill to the angling experience. With its hidden gravel and silt bars and varying depths, Stargate Pond offers a dynamic and captivating environment for anglers to explore and enjoy the diverse range of fish that reside within its waters.