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The Hawkesbury River, located just north of Sydney, is a remarkable river system that stretches from the Blue Mountains to Broken Bay. Spanning an impressive 470 kilometers and draining a vast 2.14 million hectares of land, the Hawkesbury-Nepean River is the longest coastal catchment in New South Wales.

Although it may initially seem intimidating to first-time anglers due to its size and diverse habitats, the Hawkesbury River holds incredible potential for fishing success. With a little knowledge and understanding of its secrets, you can unlock the productivity of this mighty river.

One of the river’s renowned highlights is its ability to produce large mulloway, with some specimens exceeding 1.6 meters in length and 40 kilograms in weight. While these giant fish may not be as common as before, the Hawkesbury still provides excellent opportunities to target quality fish around the coveted meter mark.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to fishing, exploring the Hawkesbury River can be a rewarding adventure, offering the chance to encounter impressive fish and appreciate the natural beauty of this expansive waterway.