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Foxhills Fishery
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Foxhills Fishery was founded in 1982 by the Bull family, who continue to own and operate the business. In 2011, the family sold the Foxhills Riding School and Livery Stables on Beacon Road, which had been established in 1955, in order to focus more on the Fishery.

To make it more convenient for the family to oversee the business, a bungalow was built on site. This addition provides anglers with better amenities, including well-maintained toilet facilities, a small shop, and a hot food service.

The Fishery boasts three pools that have been stocked over a 30-year period with roach, bream, tench, rudd, perch, and carp (including commons, mirrors, and those weighing up to double figures). The pools are regularly checked and regulated by the country’s leading “fish doctor,” Dr. Bruno Broughton. The small pool has an especially good amount of quality tench, and the upper pool has barbel. While each pool is equally productive, every angler has their own preference, which they may not share in order to keep their best spots secret. Nonetheless, it is said that if one cannot catch at Foxhills, they should consider changing their sport.

The Fishery is located at WS9 0QT, just one mile from Junction 7 of the M6, in the valley behind Barr Beacon. To reach the pools, visitors may take Pinfold Lane or Old Hall Lane from Beacon Road or Chapel Lane from Birmingham Road. Despite its proximity to civilization, the 23-acre fields surrounding the pools create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere with an abundance of birds and the occasional fox. Given the current cost of fuel, it is worth considering the distance to travel to reach Foxhills.

To be fair to the high percentage of regulars who fish the pools, Foxhills Fishery no longer holds matches. This ensures that all three pools are available for pleasure fishing at all times.

Youngsters may fish unsupervised, but only if they are well-behaved. Juniors who are not fishing will not be allowed on the premises, so parents should not allow their young anglers to bring their friends. Spectators are charged the same as anglers, as some have taken advantage of the situation and used their friends’ tackle to fish. No bad manners or language will be tolerated from any visitors, young or old, and anyone caught doing so will not be allowed on site again. While alcohol is allowed on site, only cans are permitted, and drunken behavior will not be tolerated. Vermin used to be a problem on the premises, but this has been resolved since the removal of the bins. Visitors are requested to take their litter home to keep the pegs tidy for the next person.

The Fishery closes at 7:30pm sharp during the summer, and no night fishing is permitted. The family’s dogs are loose on the site in the evenings and are vigilant guardians.

Due to the family’s own guard dogs, visitors may not bring their dogs on site. However, anyone with a guide dog wishing to fish will be accepted with prior arrangement.

The rules at Foxhills Fishery are relatively few and exist for the comfort of the fishermen and the benefit of the fish, which deserve respect. Visitors are requested to read the rules carefully before entering and adhere to them without exception or discussion to ensure a happy and pleasant day out.

Mirror carp from Foxhills Fishery in Walsall
Aerial Photo of Foxhills Fishery in Walsall
Girl holding a Fully Scaled Mirror carp from Foxhills Fishery in Walsall