Hunnington Coarse Fishery

Carp Tench
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Hunnington Coarse Fishery
143 Bromsgrove Road

West Midlands
B62 0JX
Fish Species
Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach
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Welcome to Hunnington Coarse Fishery, a family-owned business located in Halesowen, West Midlands. Run by Dan, Lesley, and Ollie, we provide an ideal destination for both match and pleasure fishing enthusiasts. Our Fishing Club Membership offers a fantastic opportunity to compete for fun and connect with fellow anglers.

At Hunnington Coarse Fishery, we prioritize creating a relaxing and enjoyable fishing experience. Our pools are well stocked and meticulously maintained, ensuring that you have a rewarding fishing session. If the weather permits, you have the convenience of parking alongside your fishing peg, allowing for easy access to your fishing spot.

Our fishery is home to a diverse range of coarse fish species, including Carp, Tench, Roach, Bream, Chub, Perch, and skimmers. Whether you prefer targeting big Carp or enjoy the thrill of catching various other species, our well-stocked pools provide ample opportunities for a successful fishing outing.

Join us at Hunnington Coarse Fishery for a memorable day of fishing in a peaceful and welcoming environment. Our friendly team is dedicated to making your experience enjoyable, and our diverse fish population ensures there’s something for every angler.