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Fan Lodge is a fantastic fishing venue located off Bickershaw Lane. It offers a variety of fishing opportunities for both match and pleasure anglers, attracting carp anglers as well. With over 70 pegs available, anglers have ample space to choose from, and the venue provides excellent access to all pegs. There are two convenient car parks for members, ensuring easy access to the fishing spots.

The depths of the waters at Fan Lodge range from 2 feet to approximately 7 feet, while Moran’s Moat reaches a depth of around 6 feet at its deepest point. Anglers typically use traditional canal-style rigs to fish here. The knowledgeable bailiff is often present on-site and can provide guidance and suggestions based on your preferences, whether you prefer fishing in a commercial-style snake lake or a larger open water setting.

The fish species available at Fan Lodge include carp, bream, skimmers, roach, perch, and possibly pike. This diverse range of fish ensures that anglers of all preferences can enjoy their time at the venue. If you’re interested in participating in matches, regular matches are held on Moran’s Moat, typically a couple of days a week, including Saturdays. You can discuss the match details with the bailiff, who usually oversees and organizes these events.

Fan Lodge is a haven for anglers seeking a variety of fish species and an enjoyable fishing experience in a picturesque setting.