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Menards Carp Fishery
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Mannings Heath
West Sussex
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Carp Pike Rudd
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At Menards, the eagerly anticipated Pike fishing season runs from November 1st until the end of February. During this time, day sessions are available, but it is essential to book in advance. The cost for a day session is £25, and it is important to note that the gates open at 9 am unless you are a member and have access to the gate number.

When it comes to Pike fishing at Menards, Carp Cradles are required to ensure the safe handling of the fish. Please refer to the rules page for specific guidelines and regulations. For bait, smelt dead baits have proven to be highly effective, so it is advisable to bring an ample supply for your fishing session.

Wishing all anglers the best of luck during their time at Menards, and kindly remember to respect and adhere to the venue rules. If you would like to share your fishing experiences, feel free to email your pictures to [email protected]. Additionally, it is recommended to bring maggots as bait, as they can be used to catch some of our lively rudd, which make excellent live bait.