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Shillinglee Rd
West Sussex
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Carp Tench Rudd
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Fishery Information

Silverdale is a charming pond that was created in 1995 by constructing a dam across one of the springs that feeds the main lake. With a depth of 2.5 meters at its center, Silverdale serves as a breeding pond for our Carp population. In addition to Carp, the pond is home to a good number of Golden Rudd, some weighing up to a pound, and a few Tench. If you’re seeking easy fishing, Silverdale is the place to be, as it often yields a dozen or more Carp in a single session. Recently, anglers have been successful in landing nice 3-pound Carp near the waterfall.

For Carp, luncheon meat presented at around 2 feet depth is particularly effective. To make your fishing experience enjoyable, use light tackle and float fish for the Carp. It’s bound to provide plenty of excitement. The Golden Rudd, known locally as “golden nuggets,” are a delight to catch, especially when the sun shines. Use maggot or sweet corn as bait for the Golden Rudd, and bread is always a reliable option.