Specimen lake

Carp Tench
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Specimen lake
Shillinglee Road
West Sussex
GU8 4
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Carp Tench Perch Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

The Main Lake at our fishery showcases a well-balanced ecosystem where our native fish species have flourished and grown to impressive sizes. Pike weighing just under 30lbs, Carp (Common, Mirror, Linear, Leather, and Ghost) reaching up to 40lbs, Tench over 10lbs, and Roach, Golden Rudd, and Perch exceeding 2lbs are among the notable inhabitants. These fish have either spent their entire lives in the main lake or in the nearby breeding ponds.

We take pride in stocking the lake exclusively with our own home-bred fish, ensuring their quality and suitability for the environment. When targeting Carp, using good quality 18mm boilies on a hair rig has proven effective. As the lake is abundant with features, it’s best to cast towards them and patiently await your chance. Our knowledgeable bailiff, Andy, can guide you to the most recent hotspots, drawing from his extensive experience and successes. If you ask politely, he might even share tales of the dozens of big carp he’s caught, along with tips on how and where to catch them. Tench, known to exceed seven pounds, are often enticed by sweet corn, sweet-flavored boilies, and lob worms. Keep an eye on the bubbles for their presence. The Perch, Rudd, and Roach can be found in abundance, with bread, maggots, and luncheon meat proving to be effective baits.

While the lake remains open year-round for coarse fishing, please note that it closes for pike fishing from 1st April to 30th September. Day tickets can be conveniently purchased on the bankside.

When targeting Pike, fresh dead bait yields the best results, with mackerel and sardines being the preferred choices. Remember, the bigger the bait, the better your chances of landing a sizable catch.