Woodpeckers Fishery

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Woodpeckers Fishery
Old Hollow

West Sussex
RH10 4TA
Fish Species
Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Welcome to Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery, located at Ley House Farm in Worth, near Crawley. Our fishery boasts a picturesque setting and offers 30 well-appointed pegs for anglers to enjoy. The water is highly sought-after and abundantly stocked with a diverse range of species.

Among the species you’ll encounter at Woodpeckers are five varieties of Carp, with sizes reaching up to 28 lbs. Additionally, you’ll find Tench and Bream weighing up to 7 lbs, Perch and Chub up to 4 lbs, as well as Rudd, Roach, and ornamental fish. For bait, anglers have found success using maggots, sweetcorn, and luncheon meat (which is particularly popular). During the summer months, floating baits such as crust and dog biscuits prove effective.

Competitive anglers will be pleased to know that match-winning weights on Woodpeckers often exceed 70 lbs. So if you’re looking for a chance to showcase your skills and potentially achieve impressive results, Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery is the place to be.