Carp Tench
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35 George Street

BA12 8A
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Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Crockerton Lake is a convenient fishing spot situated on the A350 at the Southleigh Trading Estate in Warminster. With twenty swims available, anglers can enjoy fishing from dawn till dusk, and night fishing can be arranged by prior booking. The lake, formerly a brickyard, offers depths ranging from two feet to over fifteen feet, with the deepest pegs located between fourteen and twenty. It is home to various fish species, including roach, rudd, perch, carp, tench, and bream. During the summer, anglers can have success with silverfish by using maggots on the waggler or pole. For larger catches, using bigger baits can attract better quality fish. Carp can reach weights up to 25lbs, and caution is advised as they are known for their strong runs. Bream can be targeted using feeders and baits like maggots, worms, and small pellets. Close-range fishing with bread, corn, or meat can lead to good-sized tench catches. The lake provides toilet facilities, and anglers are requested to keep them clean. Enjoy your fishing experience at Crockerton Lake and make the most of the diverse fish population.