Shatterford Lakes Fishery

Carp Catfish
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Shatterford Lakes Fishery

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Carp Catfish Rudd
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Situated amidst the scenic beauty of Worcestershire, Shatterford Lakes stands out as a premier fishing destination in the UK. Spanning 25 acres, this fishery boasts a collection of four syndicate lakes and two day ticket lakes that draw water from natural springs originating in the nearby hills and valleys. The abundance and quality of fish make it an ideal location for anglers of all skill levels, from novices seeking their first catch to seasoned professionals aiming for a memorable fishing experience. With catfish exceeding 65lbs, roach reaching up to 3lbs, bream weighing around 10lbs, and carp stretching to an impressive 35lbs, Shatterford Lakes offers a diverse range of species to keep anglers engaged and excited.

Open year-round, Shatterford Lakes invites anglers to enjoy its facilities throughout the seasons. Whether rain or shine, visitors can indulge in their passion for fishing, taking advantage of the serene surroundings and well-maintained lakes. Groups of all sizes are welcome, and the option for overnight stays allows for a more immersive fishing retreat. However, due to the commitment to providing a comfortable and spacious fishing experience, the number of fishing rods is limited. Therefore, it is highly recommended to secure your spot by booking in advance and ensuring an uninterrupted day of angling enjoyment at Shatterford Lakes.