Burshill A Pond

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Fishery Information

Burshill A is a pond of about 1½ acres and was created and developed as a pleasure fishery.

It is one of two ponds in the Burshill Fishery, part of the Brandesburton Complex. Unlike the neighboring pits it is shallow and flat-bottomed, and has been heavily stocked with small fish of most species with the intention of making the fishing easy. However, there are also a few specimens present, with carp close to 20lb, tench over 6lb, crucian carp to 2lb-plus and perch to over 2lb.

In recent years all the swims have been replaced along with the upgrading of paths, car parking, etc. The site now also benefits from the provision of a members toilet.

The pond is well sheltered from the wind, so if you like to fish in comfort and have a regular bend in your rod; this is the place for you. Previously the pond suffered with excessive weed growth but a major stocking of 350 small carp and 50 crucians in 2009 seems to have alleviated the problem to some extent.

Permits required

Standard Membership 5am – 10pm
B Class Night Permit 10pm – 5am

Stock / Size

Roach, Carp, Tench, Eels, Bream, Perch, Pike / 1.5 Acres