Burshill B Pond

Carp Pike Tench
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Fishery Information
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Rudd
Fishery Information

Burshill B is a mature fairly shallow fishery of about 2½ acres. It is primarily a tench water but does contain roach, rudd, pike and carp.

It becomes very weedy in summer. Early morning or evenings are the best times for and those that are caught are often of a good size. Fish over 5lb are regularly caught, with a specimen of 8lb 2oz reported some years ago. Any tench over 6lb, however, would be considered an achievement.

Since 2008 the venue has been included in our stocking programme, with the introduction 90 1lb-plus tench (up to 7lb 12oz), several hundred crucian carp, large numbers of rudd and small carp plus a further 400 small tench to just under 1lb.

This is another fishery which has received a major facelift, recently all swims have been renewed and an extra swim added, a new footpath was also created allowing easy access around the venue along with better road access and improved car parking and toilet facilities provided in the main car park. The Association’s Brandesburton Ponds are all protected with otter fences.

Permits required

Standard Membership 5am – 10pm
B Class Night Permit 10pm – 5am

Stock / Size

Tench, Rudd, Pike, Crucian Carp, Ide and Carp. / 2.5 Acres