Carp Pike Tench
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Carver Close, Rotherham,South Yorkshire

S26 7
Fish Species
Carp Tench Pike Perch Bream Roach
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Fishery Information

Harthill is a series of three ponds covering 33 acres. It’s the main supply and water reserve for the local Chesterfield Canal, and also home to Rotherham Sailing Club.

Boasting a large stock of carpbreamroach and pike, this is a water that if you can find them, you can expect to catch fish every cast.

Classed by some as a carp runs water, it’s not unheard of to catch more than 30 fish in a session. Carp average 8lb and some run close to 30lb.

Bream also play a dominant role in the numbers of fish present and this makes the reservoir popular with general coarse and match orientated anglers.

Fishery rules

Please always check with the fishery bailiff for any changes or updates to the fishery rules.

The reservoir is in a residential area, so please be respectful and considerate to those who live nearby.

Fish stocks

Stocked with carp, bream, roach, tench, pike and perch.