Hoyle Mill Dam

Carp Tench
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Hoyle Mill Dam
Pontefract Road, Barnsley

S71 1
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Carp Tench Perch Bream Roach Rudd
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Fishery Information

Surrounded by trees and down in a dip, the water at a little over 8 acres in size has 60 pegs from which to fish, with over 13 acres to go at. The fishing is available from 3 banks, but be warned that the pegs furthest away from the car park is a right slog, and a trolley is a must if you are like me and insist on taking all your tackle you have ever bought to your swim.

The water is run by Barnsley AA. Depending on what fish you are targeting will decide on what you pay for either your day ticket or season book. There is a very good head of big carp in this water, the biggest in Yorkshire “Sally” the common was caught from here at 49lb 3oz, and is now proudly on display in the Tackle Box shop on Doncaster Road, Barnsley. Sadly the fish died in 2003. Whilst the carp anglers bang in the high protein baits, what the carp don’t eat the silver fish are lapping it up and are putting on the weight as a result.

The dam end is the deepest with 7 to 9 foot of water and this can be a good end to target when the water drops colder. There are massive stocks of silver fish and for the price of a course fishing day ticket you cannot beat this place. The water has places as shallow as a couple of foot and when the warm wind is blowing into the corners this can be a very good place to target last thing at night. The central channel is about 7 and a ½ foot and runs just about the full length. Maggot and caster will catch you fish at most times of the day. The secret on this water is to feed plenty and keep it going in. You might have to start feeding 3 or 4 rod lengths out initially, but if you keep it going, then the fish will follow it in eventually. You may also need to shallow up as the day carries on.