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Fishery Information

This fishery holds several different species and has a deserved reputation for producing big fish, whilst also being very productive in terms of having the potential to make large bags of fish, particularly bream.

It produced the Yorkshire carp record fish of 42lb 8oz in 1999. Many of the carp weight over 20lb, with approximately 10-12 in excess of 30lb. In the autumn of 2010, the Association introduced 20 young carp weighing between 5-7lb, the first phase of an ongoing initiative to both increase the carp stocks and introduce fresh blood to grow the specimens of the future.

There are also some fine tench with fish over 9lb and bream over 12lb having been reported in the past. It is doubtful the bream get much above 8lb nowadays, although an 8lb 2oz tench was caught in 2016 with fish over 7lb reported most years. The fishery has produced a number of pike well over 20lb as well as good quality rudd. A handful of large wels catfish are also known to be present.

Although popular with specialist anglers in search of bigger carp and tench, recent events have seen many more pleasure anglers searching out the stocks of bream and rudd. Good catches of quality roach, with fish to 1lb, are not unknown although location is the key to success in this interesting water with many different underwater features. Very big catches of bream are possible and during an annual match held recently a winning weight of 72lb 10oz was made by Geoff Dunham, with large back-up weights of bream taken in the same match.

The southern bank of the fishery (alongside the houses) is a public footpath and angling is prohibited along the section next to the houses. The site is an important wildlife area with interesting birds and flora. Motorway Pond is protected with an otter fence.

Permits required

Standard Membership 5am – 10pm
A Class Night Permit 10pm – 5am

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Carp, Bream, Pike, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Eels, Catfish / 18 Acres