Carp are a species of fish belonging to the Cyprindae family which covers a large group of fish that are native to European and Asian countries.

There are a wide variety of types of carp in European lakes and rivers with the most common types being the Common Carp and Mirror Carp, other less common types of carp include the Grass Carp, Crucian Carp & Koi Carp amongst others that are known to frequent waters across Europe and beyond.

Carp nowadays are a fairly widespread species that can be found in waterways across the globe in countries as far away as Australia, Africa and of course the United States.

However, in these countries Carp are often seen as an invasive species and are often hunted and killed either for sport or food which we will go into more detail later on.

Hard fighting, clever and sometimes difficult to catch, the Carp are a truly extraordinary species of fish with each individual fish having its own unique features and characteristics making them a popular target species and prized catch amongst anglers, particularly in Europe.

A large mirror carp being held by a carp angler in the water


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