Fishing Lakes In Suffolk

Fishing Lakes in Suffolk are known for their picturesque settings and diverse angling opportunities. Foxearth Fisheries and Claydon Park Fishery are popular among anglers seeking carp and coarse fishing in beautifully maintained waters. Broome Pits offers a unique angling experience with its series of lakes surrounded by lush landscapes, ideal for those targeting a variety of fish species. Hermitage Fisheries provides a tranquil setting for dedicated carp fishing, while Kirton Hall Lake is celebrated for its scenic beauty and robust fish stocks. Weybread Carp Fishery rounds out the offerings with specialized carp fishing in a competitive yet serene environment.

Suffolk’s commitment to sustainable fishing and environmental stewardship ensures top-quality angling conditions. Explore the extensive list of fishing locations on our page to discover Suffolk’s best spots for a memorable fishing adventure.

Akenham Lakes

Akenham Lakes, Henley Road, Akenham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0QR

Alderson Lakes

Alderson Lakes, Hemingstone Road, Hemingstone, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 8NW

Bromeswell Lakes

Bromeswell Lakes, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2PX, United Kingdom

Broome Pits

Broome Pits, Broome, Suffolk, NR35 2NW

Bure Cottage

Bure Cottage, Suffolk, CO8 5, United Kingdom

Claydon Park Fishery

Claydon Park Fishery, Ipswich Road, Claydon, Ipswich IP6 0AR, Suffolk, United Kingdom.

Colston Hall Fishery

Colston Hall Fishery, Shelley, Ipswich IP13 8LB, United Kingdom

Cookley Lake

Cookley Lake, Cookley, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 9BQ, United Kingdom

Creeting Lakes

Creeting Lakes, Creeting St Mary, Suffolk, IP14 5BW, United Kingdom

Flood Park

Flood Park, Suffolk, CB9 7, United Kingdom

Foxearth Fisheries

Foxearth Fisheries, Foxearth, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 7GA

Guildhall Carp Lake

Guildhall Carp Lake, Beccles Road, St Olaves, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7HP

Henrys Lake

Henrys Lake, Bury St Edmunds IP30 0SZ, United Kingdom

Hermitage Fisheries

Hermitage Fisheries, 21 Hermitage Rd, Clare, Sudbury CO10 8QE, UK

High Lodge Leisure Ltd

High Lodge Leisure Ltd, Haw Wood, Hinton, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 3QT, United Kingdom

Hintlesham Fisheries

Hintlesham Fisheries, Fenn Farm, George Street, Hintlesham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 3EG

Holmans Pits

Holmans Pits, Mundford, Thetford, Suffolk IP26 4EJ, United Kingdom

Ickworth Lake

Ickworth Lake, Ickworth House, Horringer, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5QE

Jeagor Farm Fishery

Jeagor Farm Fishery, Isleham Road, Red Lodge, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 8NB

Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4), Suffolk, IP18 6, United Kingdom

Kirton Hall Lake

Kirton Hall Lake, Bucklesham Road, Kirton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP10 0QH

Manor Farm Pond

Manor Farm Pond, Debenham, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 6JL

Mill Barn Fishery

Mill Barn Fishery, Barham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP14 6AT

Nursery Fishing Lakes & Caravan Site

Nursery Fishing Lakes & Caravan Site, Mill Road, Aldeby, Beccles, Suffolk, NR35 2PG

Reydon No.1 Pit

Reydon No.1 Pit, Wangford Road, Reydon, Suffolk, IP18 6PP

Riverside Fishery

Riverside Fishery, Riverside Cottage, Great Bricett, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP14 3BT

Rougham Carp Fishery (formerly Rushbrooke)

Rougham Carp Fishery (formerly Rushbrooke), Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9JU

Suffolk Stour

Suffolk Stour, Suffolk, CO6 4, United Kingdom

Weybread Carp Fishery

Weybread Carp Fishery, Mill Lane, Weybread, Suffolk, IP21 5TP

Willow Lakes Suffolk

Willow Lakes Suffolk, Bromeswell, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2PX, United Kingdom