Weybread Carp Fishery

Weybread Carp Fishery in Suffolk offers a serene and picturesque setting for carp fishing.

With a 3-acre lake hosting a variety of carp, including some sizable catches, anglers can enjoy a peaceful day of fishing from well-positioned pegs.

The fishery also provides amenities like toilets, washrooms, and a water tap, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience in nature.

Weybread Carp Fishery

Weybread Carp Fishery, Mill Lane, Weybread, Suffolk, IP21 5TP

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Weybread Carp FisheryWeybread Carp FisheryWeybread Carp Fishery

About Weybread Carp Fishery

Weybread Carp Fishery in Suffolk is a beautiful place to go carp fishing. The fishery has a 3-acre lake in a quiet location, perfect for a relaxing day of fishing.

There are lots of carp in the lake, including some big ones weighing over 20 pounds and even some 30-pounders. Whether you want to catch a big fish or just enjoy reeling in some smaller ones, Weybread Carp Fishery has plenty of opportunities for all anglers.

The fishery has 5 single pegs and 2 double pegs on the island, all positioned around the lake to give anglers plenty of space. The pegs are made of wood chips, which make them comfortable and stable for setting up your fishing gear. There’s also a toilet and washroom on-site, as well as a water tap for drinking.

When you’re fishing at Weybread Carp Fishery, you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and natural beauty of the lake. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy nature, and have a fun day of carp fishing in a calm and lovely setting.