Specimen lake

The text outlines the wide variety of fish species found in a lake at a fishery in West Sussex, including pike, carp, tench, roach, golden rudd, and perch.

The fish have grown to impressive sizes and are either born and raised in the lake or nearby breeding ponds.

Fishing tips and bait suggestions for different species are provided, along with information on buying day tickets and the best practices for catching big fish like carp and pike.

Specimen lake

Specimen Lake, New Pond Road, Shillinglee, Chiddingfold, West Sussex, GU8 4SN, United Kingdom.

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Specimen lakeSpecimen lakeSpecimen lake

About Specimen lake

The main lake at our fishery in West Sussex is home to a variety of fish species that have grown to impressive sizes. We have pike weighing nearly 30lbs, carp up to 40lbs, tench over 10lbs, and roach, golden rudd, and perch over 2lbs. These fish have either been born and raised in the lake or in nearby breeding ponds.

We take pride in stocking the lake with our own home-bred fish to ensure their quality and suitability for the environment. When fishing for carp, using 18mm boilies on a hair rig has been proven effective. Cast towards the features in the lake and be patient for a bite. Our bailiff, Andy, has a lot of experience and can guide you to the best spots. He may even share some stories and tips on catching big carp.

Tench, known to reach over seven pounds, are attracted to sweet corn, sweet-flavored boilies, and lob worms. Look for bubbles in the water to locate them. Perch, rudd, and roach can be found in abundance, and they like bread, maggots, and luncheon meat as bait.

The lake is open for fishing all year round, except for pike fishing which is closed from April 1st to September 30th. You can easily buy day tickets at the lake.

When fishing for pike, using fresh dead bait such as mackerel or sardines gives you the best chance of catching a big one. Remember, the bigger the bait, the better your chances of landing a sizable catch.