Fan Lodge

Fan Lodge in West Sussex is a popular fishing venue offering over 70 fishing spots, ideal for match and pleasure anglers, particularly those interested in carp fishing.

The water depths vary, and traditional canal-style rigs are commonly used.

With a friendly bailiff available for guidance, the lodge hosts fishing matches on Moran’s Moat and provides a diverse range of fish species to catch.

Fan LodgeFan LodgeFan Lodge

About Fan Lodge

Fan Lodge in West Sussex is a great fishing spot located off Bickershaw Lane. It’s perfect for both match and pleasure anglers, especially those who love carp fishing. There are over 70 fishing spots to choose from, and the venue has good access to all of them. Plus, there are two parking lots for members, so it’s easy to get to your favorite fishing spot.

The water at Fan Lodge is between 2 and 7 feet deep, while Moran’s Moat is about 6 feet deep at its deepest point. Anglers usually use traditional canal-style rigs here. The friendly bailiff is often around to help and can give you advice on where to fish, whether you like smaller snake lakes or bigger open waters.

You can find carp, bream, skimmers, roach, perch, and maybe even pike at Fan Lodge. This means there’s something for everyone to catch. If you’re interested in fishing matches, they’re held regularly on Moran’s Moat a few times a week, including Saturdays. Just talk to the bailiff for more details.

Fan Lodge is a great place for anglers who want to catch a variety of fish in a beautiful setting.