Menards Carp Fishery

At Menards Carp Fishery, Pike fishing season is from November to February.

A day session costs £25, requires advance booking, and starts at 9 am unless you have gate access.

Use Carp Cradles for Pike handling.

Smelt dead baits are recommended, and maggots work well for catching rudd.

Follow venue rules and share fishing experiences via email.

Menards Carp Fishery

Menards Carp Fishery, Menards Farm, Cowfold Road, West Grinstead, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 6PG

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Menards Carp FisheryMenards Carp FisheryMenards Carp Fishery

About Menards Carp Fishery

At Menards Carp Fishery in West Sussex, the Pike fishing season is from November 1st to the end of February. To fish for Pike, you need to book a day session in advance, which costs £25. The gates open at 9 am, unless you are a member with access to a gate number.

When fishing for Pike at Menards, you must use Carp Cradles to handle the fish safely. Check the rules page for specific guidelines. Smelt dead baits work well as bait, so make sure to bring plenty for your fishing trip.

Good luck to all anglers at Menards, and please follow the venue rules. If you want to share your fishing experiences, you can email your pictures to [email protected]. It’s also a good idea to bring maggots for bait, as they can be used to catch rudd, which make great live bait.