Woodpeckers Fishery

Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery in West Sussex offers 30 great fishing spots with Carp up to 28 lbs, Tench, Bream, Perch, Chub, Rudd, Roach, and more.

Successful baits include maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, and floating baits like crust and dog biscuits.

Competitions can have winning weights over 70 lbs, making it a great spot for anglers to showcase their skills.

Woodpeckers Fishery

Woodpeckers Fishery, Copthorne Bank, Copthorne, West Sussex RH10 4TA, United Kingdom

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Woodpeckers FisheryWoodpeckers FisheryWoodpeckers Fishery

About Woodpeckers Fishery

Welcome to Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery in West Sussex. Our fishery is located at Ley House Farm in Worth, near Crawley. We have 30 great spots for anglers to fish in a beautiful setting.

At our fishery, you can catch five types of Carp, with some weighing up to 28 lbs. We also have Tench and Bream weighing up to 7 lbs, Perch and Chub up to 4 lbs, as well as Rudd, Roach, and ornamental fish. Anglers have had success using maggots, sweetcorn, and luncheon meat as bait. In the summer, floating baits like crust and dog biscuits work well too.

For those who like to compete, winning weights at Woodpeckers can be over 70 lbs. It’s a great place to show off your fishing skills and maybe even win a match. Come visit Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery for a fun day of fishing!