Fishing Lakes In Leicestershire

Fishing Lakes in Leicestershire offer a captivating blend of serene environments and vibrant fishing opportunities. Purple Badger Fishing Lakes are favored for their extensive facilities and variety of fish, making them a hit among families and competitive anglers alike. Whetstone Gorse and Willow’s Farm Fishing provide more secluded spots, perfect for those seeking a peaceful day by the water. Brook Meadow is known for its beautiful settings and well-stocked waters, appealing to both novice and expert fishers. Eye Kettleby Lakes round out the selection with luxury accommodations and excellent fishing, particularly for those targeting carp.

Leicestershire’s lakes are celebrated for their ecological management and sustainable fishing practices, ensuring a premier experience for every visitor. Discover the diverse angling options available across the county by exploring our detailed listings, making Leicestershire a must-visit for fishing enthusiasts.

Brook Meadow

Brook Meadow, Main St, Great Easton, Market Harborough LE16 9UJ, United Kingdom

Eye Kettleby Lakes

Eye Kettleby Lakes, Eye Kettleby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE14 2TN, United Kingdom

Mallory Park Fisheries

Mallory Park Fisheries, Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, Leicestershire LE9 7RF

Purple Badger Fishing Lakes

Purple Badger Fishing Lakes, Gaddesby Lane, Rearsby, Leicestershire, LE7 4YH

Whetstone Gorse

Whetstone Gorse, Cambridge Road, Whetstone, Leicester LE8 5UA, United Kingdom

Willow's Farm Fishing

Willow's Farm Fishing, Fosse Way, Syston, Leicester, LE7 1PD