Fishing Lakes In Rutland

Fishing Lakes in Rutland offer a compact yet rich array of angling experiences, perfect for every type of fisherman. Homeclose Fishery provides a tranquil setting for those looking to enjoy a peaceful day of fishing amidst lush landscapes. Kilthorpe Pools, known for their serene environment, are ideal for catching a variety of coarse fish. Rutland Water stands out as one of Europe’s largest artificial lakes, renowned for its superb trout fishing and spectacular natural beauty. Wing Hall Fishing Lakes round out the county’s offerings with charming, family-friendly fishing opportunities.

Rutland’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices and ecological conservation ensures that each lake offers a pristine environment for fishing. Discover Rutland’s unique charm by exploring the diverse fishing locations detailed on our page, each promising a memorable angling experience.

Homeclose Fishery

Homeclose Fishery, Lyndon Road, Manton, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7EX, United Kingdom

Kilthorpe Pools

Kilthorpe Pools, Kilthorpe, Stamford, Rutland, PE9 3RL, United Kingdom

Rutland Water

Rutland Water, Bull Brigg Lane, Empingham, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8HD, United Kingdom

Wing Hall Fishing Lakes

Wing Hall Fishing Lakes, Wing Road, Wing, Oakham, Rutland, NR31 9HG