East Delph Lakes

East Delph Lakes in Cambridgeshire offers excellent carp fishing opportunities with three different lakes to explore.

The Back Lake features unique carp varieties introduced in 1994, while the Front Lake boasts fast-growing English carp.

The Long Lake, opened in 2021, presents exciting prospects with a large population of new and untouched fish to catch.

East Delph Lakes

East Delph Lakes, East Delph, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 1YF

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East Delph LakesEast Delph LakesEast Delph LakesEast Delph Lakes

About East Delph Lakes

East Delph Lakes in Cambridgeshire is a great place for carp fishing. The lakes are beautiful and well-maintained, with some really impressive carp to catch.

The Back Lake has carp that were introduced in 1994. These fish have unique markings and come in different varieties like mirrors, commons, ghosties, and koi. Some of them weigh over 20lb and a few are even over 30lb.

The Front Lake is full of young English carp that have grown quickly. Many of them are already over 20lb, with the biggest one weighing over 30lb.

The Long Lake has the most carp in it. It just opened in 2021, so there are lots of new, untouched fish to catch. It’s exciting to see how big the carp in this lake can get.