The Old Brick Pits

Old Brick Pits in Cambridgeshire is a former clay quarry turned fishery.

Managed by Steve Calder, the 38-acre site offers various fish species and fishing amenities.

With ticket options ranging from £10 to £100, anglers can enjoy multiple fishing spots, use up to three rods, specific bait types, and bait boats with caution.

The Old Brick Pits

The Old Brick Pits, Fen Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB5 0BN, United Kingdom

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The Old Brick PitsThe Old Brick PitsThe Old Brick PitsThe Old Brick Pits

About The Old Brick Pits

The Old Brick Pits Cambridgeshire Burwell Brick Pit Fishery is a 38 acre former clay quarry that closed in 1971. The fishery has a variety of fish including Carp, Rudd, Perch, and Pike. Steve Calder and his partners have cleaned up the quarry to create 40 fishing spots surrounded by reed beds, islands, and deep water.

The gates are locked at night. Tickets for the rest of the season are £100, but there are also 12-hour and 24-hour tickets available for £10 and £20. You can use up to three rods and certain types of bait, but no peanuts. You can use bait boats if you are careful and considerate, and you can rent one for £15 a day. You can use barbed or barbless hooks.