River Cam

Byron’s Pool in Cambridgeshire, named after Lord Byron, is a scenic woodland area by the River Cam, offering a pleasant circular walk.

The site is home to diverse wildlife like Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails, with conservation efforts focused on managing vegetation and creating habitats for amphibians.

Byron’s Pool is a Local Nature Reserve managed by CFPAS Ltd, allowing fishing for members.

River Cam

River Cam, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4, United Kingdom

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River CamRiver CamRiver Cam

About River Cam

Byron’s Pool in Cambridgeshire is named after Lord Byron, who used to swim there. It’s a nice woodland area next to the River Cam where you can take a pleasant circular walk. You might see Kingfishers and Grey Wagtails near the weir. The woodland is being looked after by removing non-native plants like Sycamore and cutting back native plants like Hazel.

There are also some small ponds on the site, which are taken care of for frogs and other amphibians. CFPAS Ltd is happy to say that we are now managing the pool on behalf of Cambridge City Council. If you’re a member, you can fish there. Just remember that Byron’s Pool is a Local Nature Reserve. To get there, go from Trumpington on Grantchester Road towards Grantchester. Turn left before the river and cottages, following the sign for Byron’s Pool.