Sycamore Lakes

Sycamore Lakes Park offers four distinct fishing lakes – Island, Specimen, Roadside, and Woodland – each with unique features and fish species.

Prices range from £5-£80 depending on the duration and number of rods.

Day tickets can be purchased at the tackle shop or bankside for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Sycamore Lakes

Sycamore Lakes, Burgh Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24 5LN

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Sycamore LakesSycamore Lakes

About Sycamore Lakes

Welcome to Sycamore Lakes Park!

We have four different fishing lakes for you to enjoy: Island fishing lake, Specimen fishing lake, Roadside fishing lake, and Woodland fishing lake. Each lake has its own unique features and types of fish.

The Island fishing lake is two acres in size with a depth of 5-6 feet. It has an island on the south end and is great for catching tench, silver fish, and carp.

The Specimen fishing lake is where you can catch larger carp ranging from 12-28 pounds. It also has Rudd, Roach, Tench, and Perch. This lake is six feet deep and popular for ledgering.

The Roadside fishing lake is one and a half acres in size with a depth of 6 feet. It has water lily beds and is easily accessible from the holiday cottages. It is great for float fishing and has many large fish.

The Woodland fishing lake is surrounded by a young woodland on three sides. It is ideal for pole fishing and has depths ranging from 8-9 feet. This lake is great for catching tench, small carp, roach, perch, and rudd.

Fishing prices are as follows:
– Weekly: £40 for 1 rod, £70 for 2 rods, £80 for 3 rods
– Daily: £8 for 1 rod, £14 for 2 rods
– Afternoon Tickets (5pm till dusk): £4 for 1 rod, £7 for 2 rods
– OAPS & Disabled: £7 for 1 rod
– Under 14’s: £5 for 1 rod

You can purchase day tickets from the tackle shop or on the bankside. We look forward to welcoming you to Sycamore Lakes Park for a great day of fishing!