Oasis Lakes & Holidays

Oasis Lakes & Holidays in Lincolnshire offers three fishing lakes catering to different preferences.

The main carp lake features Mirror and Common Carp up to 30LB, the Roadside Lake is versatile for pleasure and match fishing, while the Island Lake provides a tranquil setting with islands and lily pads.

All lakes are wheelchair accessible with amenities like toilets and a café, making it a relaxing fishing destination.

Oasis Lakes & Holidays

Oasis Lakes & Holidays, Tydd St. Mary, Lincolnshire, LN11 7QX

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Oasis Lakes & HolidaysOasis Lakes & Holidays

About Oasis Lakes & Holidays

At Oasis Lakes & Holidays in Lincolnshire, we have three fishing lakes for you to enjoy. The carp lake is our main lake and has Mirror and Common Carp up to 30LB. The Roadside Lake is great for pleasure fishing and also used for matches. The Island Lake is perfect for relaxation and leisurely fishing.

The Island Lake is just over an acre in size and has features like islands and lily pads. It’s a great place to relax and catch a variety of fish. The Road Lake is 1.8 acres and is good for testing your fishing skills with a variety of fish to catch. The Speci Lake is 2.5 acres and has a range of fish including Carp, Tench, Bream, and Pike.

All lakes have wheelchair accessible pegs and parking. There are toilet facilities and a café for your convenience. The lakes have features like gravel bars and drop offs, making them interesting and fun to fish in. Just relax, unwind, and enjoy a day of fishing at Oasis Lakes & Holidays in Lincolnshire.