Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

Kingfisher Lake, also known as Pit 4, is a deep lake in Suffolk exclusive to fishing society members.

It offers a challenging yet rewarding fishing experience, with opportunities to catch big carp, tench, bream, perch, roach, rudd, gudgeon, eel, and ide.

Safety measures and rules ensure a pleasant fishing environment for members.

Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4), Suffolk, IP18 6, United Kingdom

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Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

About Kingfisher Lake (Pit 4)

Kingfisher Lake, also known as Pit 4, is a special lake in Suffolk that only members of the fishing society can use. The lake is very deep, with an average depth of over 10 feet and a maximum depth of 20 feet. It has a long rectangular shape with 13 fishing spots along two sides of the lake. The other sides are off-limits because the banks are steep and dangerous.

Fishing in Kingfisher Lake is a challenge, but it’s worth it because you can catch a variety of fish. The lake is home to big carp, with some weighing up to 30 pounds or more. You can also catch tench weighing up to 9 pounds, bream up to 7 pounds, perch up to 3 pounds, and other fish like roach, rudd, and gudgeon. There’s even a chance of catching an eel or an ide.

There is a toilet near the entrance of the lake for anglers to use. It’s important to keep the gate closed and locked to keep out unwanted visitors and protect the otter fence. Juniors must have an adult with them when they go fishing in this lake.

Kingfisher Lake is a great place for members of the fishing society to have fun and catch different kinds of fish in its deep waters.