Chigboro’ Fisheries

Chigboro’ Fisheries in Essex offers four lakes near London for fishing enthusiasts.

Lakes like Haybridge Mere, May Water, Chigborough Mere, and Scraley Mere provide opportunities for catching various fish species with different ticket options available.

Chigboro’ Fisheries

Chigboro' Fisheries, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4RE

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Chigboro’ FisheriesChigboro’ Fisheries

About Chigboro’ Fisheries

Chigboro’ Fisheries in Essex has four lakes located within 40 miles of London, each with over 25 acres of water.

Haybridge Mere:
This lake offers day and season tickets for fishing. You can catch Roach, Rudd, Perch, and Pike here. It’s a great spot for ledgering and float fishing.

May Water:
Day and season tickets are available for this lake. You can find Catfish up to 58lb, Common and Mirror carp up to the high twenties, Bream up to 12lb, and Tench up to 8lb. The lake has been recently excavated to create depths of up to 12 feet in some areas, with gravel bars and islands for interesting fishing spots.

Chigborough Mere:
You can get day and season tickets for this lake. It used to be known for Roach and Rudd, but now also has good Carp up to the high teens and some Tench. It’s a good lake for float fishing.

Scraley Mere:
This lake is only for season ticket holders. It has recently been restored and is now more accessible for fishing. You can find Carp over 30lb, Catfish up to the mid thirties, Pike up to 27lb, Tench, and Bream here.

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